TecnofarAutomatyzacja Tecnofar, a new production line in Delebio
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Tecnofar, a new production line in Delebio

We talk again about one of the flagships of Tecnofar, the 600 square meter clean room in Delebio, where products requiring a sterile environment and controlled atmosphere are assembled. 

As in the case of medical and dental needles produced by the Valtellinese company, whose production has recently been increased. 

Indeed, in addition to design and realize automated manufacturing systems on customers’ requests, Tecnofar invests also in research and development, in order to constantly improve its own production capabilities. 

A new automated system has recently been launched inside the clean room in Delebio, thanks to which Tecnofar is able to satisfy customers’ requests more effectively. 

Not only this new technology developed by the Valtellinese company doubles production capabilities, but it also halves delivery times. Moreover, the needles produced according to the customers’ requests are sterilized and packed. 

Tecnofar doesn’t set very high standards only for its own products, but also for its whole production system, testing again and applying new ideas to overcome new challenges. This is a quality that makes this company an ideal partner for each client. 

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