Wysokiej jakości nowości w firmie Tecnofar
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Discover the clean room at Delebio

When talking about high-tech products we do not realise how much special care is required in the areas where they are produced. The microelectronics and semiconductor industries were the first to set standards for the CLEAN ROOM. The CLEAN ROOM is usually a very large space...

Fiera virtuale Chillventa 2020 eSPECIAL

Tecnofar will participate at Chillventa 2020 eSPECIAL

As we know, due to the lockdown, most of the trade fairs has been cancelled for logistic reasons and because it was not possible to guarantee the safety of all participants.  Like it happened to CHILLVENTA 2020. Although the initial intention was to delay the event...

Applicazione tubi

Tubes and what are their applications

Tecnofar, the company from the Valtellina region which has been in business since 1973, has always been committed to refining the production techniques of high precision tubes and needles. Thanks to its eleven welding lines, Tecnofar is able to produce tubes from 3 to 76...